Modern Business - Start Bootstrap Template


It is our goal to

  • improve the efficiency of your processes
  • reduce your material and energy consumption
  • optimize usage of further resources (e.g. tools, supplies)

in order to increase your competitive position and maintain jobs.

We want to create an environment, in which all participants will be able to use their individual experiences, creativity and know-how. Together, we will achieve to eliminate waste and unproductive work. In order to reach our goals, we initiate our acitivities in the following main organizational areas:


  • Is the design production-oriented?
  • Can the design be improved?
  • Can alternative materials be used?
  • Can modularization reduce complexity?
  • Are cleanliness requirements really necessary?



  • Can production processes be improved and how?
  • How can tools be used economically?
  • Are the correct tools being used? Can setup-times be improved?
  • Is the energy consumption necessary?
  • What about tidiness and arrangement? Can work places be rearranged?



  • Are processes clearly described?
  • Is the material flow optimized? Can ways and paths between process steps be reduced?
  • How accessible is the raw material and can storage days be improved?
  • Are the shift models in line with customer orders and production times?
  • Is a continuous improvement process performed?



  • Is the right amount of parts available to the right time in the right quality?
  • Do all employees and suppliers have all necessary information?
  • Can the efficiency of suppliers be improved?

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