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Cost pressure increases, the demands of the customers as well. But the car industry has to overcome even more obstacles:
The supply chain is getting more and more international, the supplier qualification, however, is not always keeping pace. Even the smallest irregularities in the supply chain are sometimes causing a line stop. Quality failures on small parts – even on low priced articles – may disturb the customer satisfaction or lead to cost-intensive recall actions.

The product development process is also involving problems:

Construction is not always running in a way which is suitable for production, as the cross-functional exchange of development, prototype construction and series production is not given. Modifications in construction at a later development stage are then often the consequence. This leads to time and cost-intensive re-sampling, which is often used by the suppliers for subsequent price increases.

The approaches of G+L:

Strengthen your market position by product innovations without frictional losses. With G+L you will profit from decades of experiences in componentry production for the car industry. Make use of our comprehensive know-how on motor, gear, chassis and safety.