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Consulting agencies

Costs for HR and overhead, accounting, purchasing, inventory management: This is where classic management consultants are starting. But beyond this, detailed technical knowledge is more and more demanded in the consulting process, particularly with complex production sequences. That is, where G+L is supporting you.

The approaches of G+L

  • Increase your efficiency and productivity
  • (Re-)establishment of the efficiency in the production process
  • Detailed work on the shop-floor: assuring quality, quantity and stability in the production process
  • Analysis and evaluation of the risks in the production process
  • Goal: Detecting and excluding product liability risks


What are the potentials of your company? Which risks actually exist? How reliable is the supply chain? The future development of a company is at least as interesting as the past. We are also dealing with these questions for you.

Your advantage:

We begin, where normal consulting ends. We have decades of experiences and knowledge, and thus valuable complementary expert knowledge for your company. A wide network with experienced specialists from the most different fields such as machining process, measurement and testing technology, material analytics, plant engineering, Life Cycle Engineering and LCC large series production  supplements our range of services. We offer you know-how you can rely on.