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Mechanical Engineering

Doing things properly

The mechanical engineering industry is most highly specialized, which is in the nature of things. However, this includes that in many cases they do not have much experience in the main range of application of their own products. Focusing on the own production step causes a lack of experience in the entire parts production process. Also the intersecting point to other production steps, for example turning, reworking, may become a problem. The low degree of modularization of the machines, however, at the same time means a great variety of parts and high costs accordingly.

An integral production process can normally not be offered in the mechanical engineering industry. Further more, product developments are difficult in this ambience – but they are necessary in order to maintain the market position.

The increasingly internationalized supply chain is another highly sensible subject for the mechanical engineering industry: There often is a lack of personnel and practical experience on the part of the suppliers.

The approaches of G+L:

When developing processes, we are taking into account all the production steps. Our employees are experienced in the construction of special machines, turntable machines, automation systems, devices and tools. This also applies for the use of processing machines and special machines in large series. We help you develop your range of products and services – and thus secure a valuable competitive advantage.