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Healthy development

Medical technology is under the pressure of rendering more and more services at increasing costs. A conflict area for which there is only one solution: It is necessary to find and use saving potentials. Bottlenecks – and thus also starting points for an increase in performance – are arising both in the supply chain and in the product development process.

Internationalization has already been on the agenda in medical technology for a long time. A development involving risks, as the supplier qualification is thus not always ensured – both in view of quality and quantities. As a consequence, the total costs are increasing. On top of that, there are problems such as a great variety of parts, a very low standardization and high product liability risks.
Product innovations are indispensable for securing the market position.

During product development, however, cost-related points of view are mostly still left aside, as well as the subject of a construction which is suitable for production. This entails consequences, such as construction changes and re-sampling at an advanced point in time are often used by the suppliers in order to justify increases in price.

Your advantage:

We show you how you can make full use of the potentials of supplier development and construction optimization for your company. How you can realize product innovations more quickly and smoothly and reduce your time-to-market margin.

Our specialists are experienced in the development and production of components, in LCC production, in process validation and many other areas. We have a large network with experts from the most different fields: machining processes, measuring and testing technology, plant construction, material analytics, Supply Chain Management, Life Cycle Engineering up to LCC large series production.