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Media gap motor

The media gap motor is a permanent magnet synchronous motor (PMSM) with the special feature of a hermetically sealed system whose stator inner diameter is oversized in relation to the rotor or the permanent magnet outer diameter. This large air gap allows the transport of various media between rotor and stator in the axial direction. The rotor magnet can in this case be coupled directly to the conveyor or integrated into it.


  • transport of explosive gases, dusts, vapors, sticking substances, pastes, liquids such as water or oils, perishable goods such as food
  • ventilation equipment
  • pumps, e. g. canned pumps (media transport in the axial direction), dosing pumps, micropumps, disposable pumps or multi-stage pumping systems
  • for aggressive media, e. g. salt water, chemical solutions (replacement for peristaltic pumps such as in the dental surgery device)
  • disinfectable or sterilizable pump systems
  • turbines and generators
  • screw conveyors for e. g. granular media, liquids or pastes
  • media flow measurement via generator voltage