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Exclusive rights of use for Cross-Charger® technology - Rolls-Royce acquires technology for the electrically-assisted charging of MTU engines

- Development cooperation between MTU and G+L innotec is to leady technology to series production readiness

- Implementation as of 2021 in engines for ships, emergency gensets and land vehicles

Naval engine with Cross-Charger®

Naval engine with Cross-Charger®

Rolls-Royce Power Systems has acquired from us the exclusive rights of use for a new technology for the electrically-assisted charging of off-highway combustion engines in the power range above 450 kW, our Cross-Charger® invention. Rolls-Royce plans to offer engines of its MTU brand with our technology as of 2021. MTU and G+L innotec will complete the next stages of development on the basis of a close partnership.

The Cross-Charger® is not only of great interest to off-highway applications but also to the entire automotive sector. Our team accompanies potential buyers of our technology during development from the initial design stage to maturity phase.

On the basis of a development collaboration agreement with us, MTU has equipped turbochargers with our Cross-Charger® and has carried out component tests to determine its possible potential. In the next stage, the two partner companies will prepare the new products for series production, so that as of 2021, MTU will be able to launch engines equipped with our Cross-Charger® on the market. The first areas of application suitable for these engines include ships, emergency gensets and land vehicles.

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