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Innovation alliance PUMAc-Fx for the construction of ultra-light hydrogen gas turbine units in Aachen (Power Units Made in Aachen - Fuel X)

PUMAc-Fx generator

PUMAc-Fx generator

G+L innotec is part of this innovation alliance of industry and research with currently a total of 25 partners. Our common goal is to create a new climate-friendly drive system. This will have a modular design and be suitable for use in a wide range of applications from aviation to stationary power supply to ship propulsion.

The contribution of G+L innotec is the generator with a high power-to-weight ratio.

With the newly developed products, processes or services, we project partners want to contribute to future CO2-neutral mobility and energy supply.

We are happy to be part of this great project and to contribute our part to its success.

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