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Review - 9th International Conference Advanced Downsizing & Turbocharging 2017, 9 - 11 May, Frankfurt Offenbach/Germany

International Conference with a focus on electrically assisted turbocharged systems and with top-class specialists

[Translate to English:] 9th International Conference Advanced Downsizing & Turbocharging 2017

[Translate to English:] 9th International Conference Advanced Downsizing & Turbocharging 2017; Quelle: IQPC

[Translate to English:] Programm

[Translate to English:] Programm; Quelle: IQPC

Further keywords:

  • combination with internal combustion engines
  • Miller cycle
  • market potential

This Conference offered the opportunity to get informed on the latest developments in the field of supercharging and turbocharging systems, to get in contact and discuss with other specialists.

Among the interesting program a lecture of G+L innotec: Dr. Holger Gödeke presented the latest developments of our Cross-Charger® system:

Electrification of standard turbochargers and its impact on the ICE, Cross-Charger®, - turbo by wire -

  • Evolution of electric assisted turbochargers
  • Airgap motors for the electrification of standard turbochargers as additional actuation
  • Electrification impact on the turbocharger
  • Benefits for the internal combustion engine
  • Improvement on the vehicle driveability

In addition, on the Interactive Workshop Day (11 May 2017), he led a workshop with the same topic. The participants enthusiastically discussed new developments of turbocharged systems in the context of latest electrification trends.

Here you can find the detailed programme of the conference and further information.